March 1st to April 4th

Juan Ledesma

My practice is rooted in interdisciplinary experimentation. For my first solo exhibition in 2021, I examined the discourse of sound in relation to accented speech and the rhythms of spoken language. The intention was to contrast seemingly unrelated disciplines (linguistics & music) as common threads in the fabric of our social reality. Through my practice, I attempt to reveal spaces of commonality that fundamentally question who we are and how we relate to one another. Having had training both as a visual artist and a musician, I often explore resonance and material culture via drawing, sculpture, and sound installation. Recent work includes a drawing series exploring ancient symbols, cave paintings and the concept of nature, the process of which mimicked the flow of musical collaboration.


Samantha Vo

Samantha Vo is a multidisciplinary creative practicing at the intersection of art and design. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Digital Culture with an emphasis in Design and a minor in Studio Art from the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts at Arizona State University in 2019. Her work explores her Mexican and Vietnamese heritages through mixed media art forms such as typography, textiles and printmaking with messages inspired by prayers, stories and memories of her family and upbringing. A common theme across Samantha’s practice is upcycling materials. She was inspired by her family’s constant resilience and resource-fullness in utilizing what they had and always finding beauty in found objects, thrifted items and antiques.


Katayoun Vaziri

At the moment I am working on a series called “Sky's the limit”. The series plays with the meaning of this phrase and the fact that what if Sky is actually the limit. What if we are all being ambitious, discovering new technology, not paying attention to its impact on our only planet and sky? Same as my other works this series also happens in a space between hoping to change the system ( reaching the sky), and feeling disabled and out of power towards it. At the moment all my works are in gouache, For these series I want to add print making to my medium and that's one of main reasons I am applying. Also as a person who has recently moved to CDMX, I would love to get to know the community better and I hope these types of residencies can also help with that. Katayoun Vaziri


Lu Villanueva

My work is an approach to abstraction. I'm trying to create my own visual language: one that uses shapes, forms, color and line to create a composition with a degree of independence from visual reference to reality. Mixing techniques and trying out the resilience of the mediums and materials involving my art is as important as the final artwork. As a resource I use photography and architectural elements as well as the environment that surrounds me; creating complex dimensions represented by layers, multiple lines, colors and figures. I intend to deconstruct and decontextualize form and figure, breaking out the formality of geometry. Usually I work in two or more series simultaneously. This methodology allows me to balance and integrate each composition and play with adding and subtraction at the same time.

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CA Art Collective,

At CA Art Collective, we recognize that art exists because it is built in community, from production to appreciation. We seek to assert that we exist for what we are. The nature of what is human, divine, terrestrial, the cosmos, and the different realities, are condensed in our works of art, showing that it is possible to be and not to be at the same time, making both options, a cosmic probability. Always together, we anticipate the uncertainty of the environment, and we establish harmony through geometry. We achieve this by walking though a temporary maze, an imaginative composition in which it is necessary to face many crossroads at a time: alternatives that stop being alternatives when opting simultaneously for all of them at once, thus creating various lines that are multiplied, intercept and diverge where all outcomes occur and each one is the starting point of other bifurcations that materialize in angles and shapes.