Workshops diploma studies and art sessions
This is the time to develop yourself creatively and learn techniques and art with the best masters. We have rich experience in producing art and design projects. We give practical training, advice and guidance. Radio 28 Creative Studios is the perfect place to grow and explore your creative side. our classes is a rich experience in an art complex where there are diverse workshops such as; Wood and Metal, Mold and Casting, Printmaking and a Gallery. Our studies take place in an intimate atmosphere with a personal relationship
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Projects and Exhibitions
Radio28 CS is a multidisciplinary cultural program, founded as a laboratory for creativity and a center for collaboration and exchange of ideas. Part of our goal is to build bridges between different cultural projects and create a community that will allow interactions between artists from diverse disciplines, through spontaneous meetings that develop into collaborations.
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Who We Are

Is A Place Where You Can Find Practical Solutions For Your Art. The Aim Of Our Program Is To Support Participants In Producing Their Work, While Placing Them In  Dialogue With Artists And Fabricators In Our Network Of Local Mentors. Participating Artists Not Only Receive Space To Work And Fabrication Assistance, But They Also Have Access To A Range Of Technical Workshop Classes That Are Open To The Public.

The Radio28 CS unites and empowers Mexico City’s artist community.  “We focus on training artists in the technical skills of fabrication, Such as: mold-making, casting, printmaking that will allow them to scale-up and refine their contemporary art practice. In addition to hands-on training, each participant receives professional mentoring individually tailored to their work and to their chosen materials.

Radio28 CS is a Mexico City-based resource dedicated to interdisciplinary practice\ and creative experimentation. Our programs are for artists, creators and designers.


We appreciate the unique value of each artistic medium, and believe in the power of interdisciplinary, experimental art practice to generate rich bodies of work. We want to expand opportunities for new practitioners to engage in the production of a unique project along with in-depth artistic research and access to the contemporary art scene in Mexico City.

Mexico is known for the variety of materials and work techniques it has to offer. This variety exists both within traditional Mexican industry and craft on the one hand, and in more recently-developed techniques and technologies on the other. We are committed to giving our artists access to the unique range of expertise and tools available in our city. 

Our program allows artists and designers to spend 5 weeks (35 days) producing a specific project or new body of work that will benefit from access to the mentoring and resources we provide.


Our Staff

Our program is a non-profit organization, run by female artists, who dedicate themselves to supporting and advising artists in order to give them the tools to develop themselves.


Tal Frank

Founder & Artistic Director


Brenda Martínez de Ávila

Creative Studio Program


Keren Anavy

International Exchange Program


Sally Scopa

Mentoring Program

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Karen Cheirif

Education Program