Radio28 Creative Studios is a Mexico City based artist residency that aims to bring creatives together to foster new ideas, cultivate experimentation and life-long communities.

What we offer at the Residency

  • Personalized and Group mentorship sessions with established Artists, Designers, or Curators
  • Guided Tours of Local Galleries, Artist-Run Spaces, and Museums 
  • Technical and Conceptual support throughout the production of Artists’ works
  • Group exhibition in Mexico City at the program gallery
  • Radio28 is equipped with a shared kitchen, bathroom, library, furniture desks, chairs, tables, couches
  • 24 hour access to all workshops and facilities in the studio 
  • 6 shared studios work space ranging from 
  • Wood workshop equipped with table saw, jigsaw, circular saw, power drills, hammers, belt sander machine, palm-grip sander, riveting machine, compound miter saw, drill press, inverted welding machine, dremel, electric angle grinder, router, wood table, metal table, extension cables. 
  • Mold making and casting workshop equipped with ventilation area, compressor, scale, equipment for mixing materials, hotplate and heating lamp
  • Printmaking workshop equipped with etching press, paper press machine, aquatint box, offset and typography inks, sugar-lift. Screen printing machine, silk screens (you need an external supplier to make the UV process of the screen), iron, heat gun, materials and equipment for printmaking (linoleum, siligrafía,wood cutting and engraving in metal.

Dates and fee

March 1st– April 4th
May 1st –  June 5th
July 1st – August 4th
November 1st – December 5th



February 1st – March 6th

Julio 1st – August4th

October  1st – November  5th

Fee for the CS program 22,000 MX

( includes International bank transfer fee)

After your have been selected for the program, you will have to pay a registration fee of 5,000MXN from the total fee of the program.

The second payment must be paid after the interview stage, 7,000 MXN

The third payment will be paid on the first day of the program 10,000 MXN

In case that the artist cancels their participation in the program for any reason, the registration fee of 5,000 MXN  will not be refunded.

How to apply

We have 2  application periods a year. 

January 1st – February 8th

June 30th – August 14th 

Applicants will be notified of their admission up to 4 weeks maximum, after submitting their application. 
At this time will set a date for a personal interview via ZoomIn order to submit an application, you will need to send us a PDF file, (no more than 10 MB) and follow the instructions below:

  • First name and last name

  • e-mail

  • Phone Number

  • Instagram and web account 
  • Address, Street, City, State, Country

  • Brief Biography (max 200 Words)

  • Statement of intent / Project description (max 300 words)

  • Studio needs

  • Program dates (choose two optional dates)

  • What materials / techniques would you be interesting in producing

  • Work samples, up to 10 and not less than 5

Send the PDF to

with the subject: Creative Studio Program Application + the months  of the period selected

    Participants will receive an official invitation letter, in order to submit funding sources from other institutions 

    You can apply for a partial scholarship. By filling out an application form