Radio28cs is a multidisciplinary cultural exchange program, founded as a laboratory for creativity and a center for collaboration and exchange of ideas. Part of our aim is build bridges between different cultural projects and create a community that will enable interactions between artists from diverse disciplines, through spontaneous meetings that develop into collaborations.

International exchange program

Radio28 International exchange program is an artist-run multidisciplinary cultural exchange program, directed by the artist Keren Anavy, New York. Founded as a lab for creativity, and a hub for collaboration and the exchange of ideas. Our mission is to build bridges between different cultural projects. Our vision is to create a community that facilitates interactions between artists from diverse disciplines, through spontaneous encounters developing into collaborations.

We provide our community of artists a space for their experimental projects, and the opportunity to participate in exchange-residency programs around the world, and in unique courses and events. 

Z Behl

Artists/curators guests
Project space

We provide an experimental space, where the invited artists and curators  experience new ideas and create an open dialogue.

Public program

Our gallery is open to the public for exhibitions, lectures and activities

Community projects

Radio 28 supports scholarships for artists with economic hardship who participate in the residency program, in exchange for the scholarship the artists participate in a public program and community projects in which they create a dialogue with different communities. The social framework provides an answer to different and diverse needs and creates a mutual guarantee between the participants and creat a bonding.

We are always open to collaborations and dialogue.

If you have an idea for a project, please contact us