2023-2024 AIR APPLICATION Creative Studios Program



This application closes on December 1st, 2022 at 11:59pm.
All artists will be notified no later than January 1st, 2023 by email whether they are selected or not.

Selection Process  

Our jury is composed of Radio28 CS alumni and professionals within their field.
We do not post the names of our jury members due to the confidentiality and objectivity of the program. Our jury members and scholarship committee change annually.


Two artists maximum. 

If applying as a collective group (two artists max), please complete a single application. Please include both artists’ resumes in your file and a duo statement which relates to both collaborators. Work samples should reflect both artists’ work, and/or work from previous collaborations. Collaborators should be willing to share a studio and our mentoring.


Please contact radio28mx@gmail.com if you have any questions relating to the application or the program.


Applicant Information and Contact (Required)

1. First Name 

2. Last Name

3. Email address  (This information will not be shared with our jury)

4. Phone Number (This information will not be shared with our jury)

5. Mailing Address (This information will not be shared with our jury)

6. Brief Biography (Required)

Word count should not exceed one page or 200 words.

7. Statement of intent/project description (Required)

What will your focus be or what do you plan to accomplish during your program at Radio28 CS Creative Studios Program?  300 word limit. 

8. Work Samples. (Required)

You may attached up to 10 work-samples.

9. Studio Needs
Please tell us about any special requirements you might have for your studio space.

10. Program Dates for 2023-2024

March 1st– April 4th
May 1st –  June 5th
July 1st – August 4th
November 1st – December 5th

February 1st – March 6th
May 1st – June 4th
July 1st – August 4th
November 1st – December 5th